The Woodshed

The WoodshedFor years musicians have been “Woodshedding”, which means practicing their instruments. In the days of log cabins and single room homes, musicians would have to find a quiet place to go practice their instrument…the woodshed. Back before there was a “University of the Arts” with a Masters Degree in Jazz Performance available, musicians learned jazz by listening, imitating and spending a lot of time  in the woodshed honing their art.

The Pinelands Jazz Festival is pleased to announce that we will have a functioning woodshed which will feature young and upcoming musicians “woodshedding” alongside seasoned professionals. The Woodshed will be alive with music during the breaks between acts on the main stage. Young musicians sitting in with seasoned professionals is the way that jazz was passed down in the early days…we are bringing back that fine tradition.

Take a look at what went down at the Woodshed our first year!




You may recognize this guy as a young Ben Turner. We are pleased to welcome him back in 2019 as a featured performer!

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