Michelle Lordi

12939561_10207775374996684_799556564_nVocalist Michelle Lordi wants to tell you a story, so sit back, pour yourself a cocktail and listen. The story you will hear will be sung with cool, uncorrupted understatement that swings with a clear, warm, seductive voice that is lovely and unforgettable.
So many jazz singers today have forgotten the importance of the lyric and original melody. Michelle lives by these principles and as a result the music she creates with her fabulous band is pure, sweet and beautiful.
Michelle is receiving national and international acclaim for her recently released CD, “Drive”, which was produced by and features pianist Orrin Evans. “Drive” takes listeners on a captivating personal journey, mining favorites from her varied repertoire of American Songbook classics and modern pop hits. Drive is currently being played on more than 100 Jazz radio stations across the US and internationally. Lordi has become a regular presence in local/regional jazz clubs, and has performed with pianists Orrin Evans, Eric Gunnison, Michael Kanan, tenor saxophonist Larry McKenna, trumpeter/trombonist John Swana, and guitarists Sonny Troy , Tim Motzer & Jimmy Bruno.
Michelle is passionate about bringing generations of jazz fans and musicians together and has run one of Philadelphia’s best attended and successful weekly Jam Sessions at Vintage Bar & Grill in Abington, PA since September of 2014 with equal doses humor, professionalism and wonder. Her profound love of the music and the musicians she creates with is evident in every note of her vividly expressive and elegantly communicative voice.
Keep an eye on this Jazz vocalist.
She’s got more great stories to tell, for sure.